Sunday, 1 July 2012

Heeeeeeeeeeeee :)


              Tak kira lahh korang nk ckp aku jakun ke apa, yg penting 
              dia reply tweet aku xD
             Awhhhhhh me forever love Zamir masterchefffff :* 
             zamir, FTW !!

Sigs sports day ;)

     Like seriouslyy sigs sports day was really awesome (y) 
     Sangat gempak. Sangat best. Even hujan, we still keep it 
     going till the end. Main dalam hujan. And lastly, 
     The red house is the winner! Go red house go Aummmm :* 

     I'll remember those moments. Even cheer and marching tk mng but its okay.
     I'll be missing my seniors. Awhhhhh :')
     Okay lets just see the photos on the Sigs sports day :)

                                             Sigs band :)

                                     Blue house/ Aminah :)

                                     Green house/ maimunah :)

      Cikgu Sam and 3 others wearing Sigs varsity (y) ohh so cool Hahah

                 This is my lovely Red House. Aummm Fatimah :*


                                 Yellow house/ Halimah :)

                      w/ My cheermates and Farihaa as our captain :')

                                        Cheermates ;)


Friday, 15 June 2012


Im so sorry mama abahh. I cant make you two satisfied with my result :(
I'll do better. Its just so hard to look at your parents's sad face isnt it?

Wednesday, 13 June 2012


      Im done hanging around you . Its a wrap. Goodluck in your life.

                              Arzaq Zulfaa Ain bt Rozani 

Friday, 8 June 2012

A day :)

Truthfully, aku mmg malas gilaa nk keluar that dayy. Tp cousin aku yg 
sorang ni jarang sesangat balik, so at last aku keluar laa jugak.
We thought nk tgk wayang, tp tk jd. So end up, pergi medical acne 
treatment clinic since dia ade problem with her face. And after that 
pergi Jusco Bukit Indah Oppss sorry Aeon ;p hahaha gasakkk. 
So mls nk type, tgk jelaa ~

                            In ze car w le cousin ;p

        In the clinic, she have her medical cream all over her face ;p

                                 Thats my aunt ;)

                   While waiting for ika , aku pun.... Ahahaha

Baskin Robbin, aku belanje dia as her birthday gift ;p 

Cotton candy 

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

This :/