Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sigs sports day ;)

     Like seriouslyy sigs sports day was really awesome (y) 
     Sangat gempak. Sangat best. Even hujan, we still keep it 
     going till the end. Main dalam hujan. And lastly, 
     The red house is the winner! Go red house go Aummmm :* 

     I'll remember those moments. Even cheer and marching tk mng but its okay.
     I'll be missing my seniors. Awhhhhh :')
     Okay lets just see the photos on the Sigs sports day :)

                                             Sigs band :)

                                     Blue house/ Aminah :)

                                     Green house/ maimunah :)

      Cikgu Sam and 3 others wearing Sigs varsity (y) ohh so cool Hahah

                 This is my lovely Red House. Aummm Fatimah :*


                                 Yellow house/ Halimah :)

                      w/ My cheermates and Farihaa as our captain :')

                                        Cheermates ;)